Da Boch Chi/Au Revoir/Bye (for now)

Like I said in my last post, the latest news about Ioan made me come to a realization about this journal. To fully explain, though, I need to explain how exactly I learned about the divorce.

I was working on a writing project, and something in it made me think of Horatio, and by extension, Ioan. Which sent me into a feeling I've had on and off for the last few years whenever Ioan or his characters cross my mind; melancholy. While I still had a fondness for him, I haven't really been doing much on the Ioan front for quite a while. There are reasons for this that I'll discuss shortly, but that, combined with the fact that it's hard to find fellow Ioanites nowadays (also something I'll discuss soon), can make me feel a little sad when it comes to mind.

So as a trip down memory lane, I pulled up Ioan's IMDB page to replay a game I played around the time I first started this journal; ranking Ioan's characters based on how much I liked them (or, in the case of ones I hadn't seen, how much I think I'd like them based on what I knew about them). In the course of doing this, I glanced over to the side of the page, where IMDB keeps the three most recent news articles about the actor you're looking at...and saw that the third article had the words "Alice Evans" and "divorce" in it. Shocked, I started looking into it, and the rest is history.

The point being, I was already in a frame of mind where I was thinking that I wasn't as actively invested in Ioan as I used to be, and now I'm suddenly confronted with a major piece of news...three months after the fact. It showed just how out of the loop I was, and in-between trying to process what was going on with Ioan, I started thinking things over.

(I apologize in advance for both the length and the lack of an LJ cut. Given the reason for this post, I thought it best to just have it all out there for people to see.)

First off, it's harder to be a Ioanite than it used to be. Not because of Ioan himself, but because it's harder to keep updated on him. Ioanonline closed its doors in 2007, but when I joined LJ in 2008, there were still plenty of other sources that could provide pictures, links to interviews, and discussions/rumors of upcoming projects. The two big ones were the IMDB message boards, and a site called Ioanzone. I used those for most of my information over the years, and all was well.

Then the IMDB message boards were shut down in 2013-2014, which made things harder. Ioanzone held out a bit longer, but the last post I distinctly remember from it was in 2015, and a year or two later, it disappeared. That's not to say it doesn't technically still exist, though; google "Ioanzone" and you'll see that there are accounts with that name on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. And therein lies the problem, or rather, my problem.

I prefer to keep my privacy online as much as possible, and places like LJ or Ioanzone, where you can create a random identity and talk about as much or as little about your real self as you like, were ideal for me. But that type of internet communication seems to be being phased out in favor of sites that favor both brevity and openness. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all seem to prefer that you post under your real name, and while I'm sure it's not a hard and fast rule, it still feels too personal for me. Besides, as both this post and the last post show, I prefer being allowed to write as much as I want about a subject, rather than having to keep it short.

(Tumblr is the one place where anonymity seems more accepted, but I've heard it can be difficult to use, especially for text posts, so that's still a problem.)

Long story short, there probably are other Ioanites out there, but they're congregated in places I'm not inclined to seek out. Prior to this latest development, the only ways I could keep track of what Ioan's doing are via his filmography on IMDB (which honestly doesn't have new material anywhere near as much as I'd like), his twitter (which was mostly him posting or retweeting promotional material for his latest shows, so you had to wade through a lot of samey stuff to get to anything new), news articles (and up until the divorce, I honestly didn't really consider that an option, because it seemed to me like he wasn't doing much to get him into papers or gossip mags), and, very sporadically, updates from places like following_sea. Which brings me to my second point.

LJ, or at least my corner of it, is pretty dead. Most of my friends list hasn't updated in years, and those who have generally aren't posting a lot of Ioan/Hornblower/Forever related stuff. Most of the communites are inactive too; following_sea got a small shot in the arm last year, but if you check it out, the most recent post is from November 2020, and the prior post was July 4th, 2020...when I jumped on to wish Horatio a happy birthday.

Which leads to point three, and the biggest one. As you can see from my most recent entries prior to this year, I'm part of the problem. At this point, I basically post on LJ twice a year; once on July 4th at following_sea to wish Horatio a happy birthday, and then again here on my journal to wish Ioan a happy birthday on October 6th. There are a lot of reasons for this;

*Lack of engagement; it's never fun to feel like you're posting into the void, especially if you combine that with the sensation that you're the only one who still cares about Ioan.

*Real life stuff: self explanatory.

*Lack of Ioan material: There just hasn't been much for me to talk about. Most of Ioan's projects post-Forever have either been things I can't get my hands on or things I don't have a lot of interest in watching.

*Lack of creative inspiration: On a related note to the previous point, since Ioan's not on my radar, I don't have as many ideas for stories featuring his characters, so that's another potential reason to post gone.

*New faces: Because I don't have new Ioan material, the door was opened for other interests to come along, and to spark or rekindle some crushes on other actors/characters. So most of my fannish attention has gone to that over Ioan stuff. As I mentioned, I feel a little bad about that, since Ioan's been a huge part of my life (and on LJ, my "brand"), but I know these things come in waves, and all it takes is a good role for Ioan for him to come out on top again. It's just that this has been a particularly long dry spell.

So after all that, I can finally get to the point;


I still consider myself a Ioanite, but for now, there doesn't seem to be much reason to keep this journal running. So for the forseeable future, I won't be posting here, not even for my annual birthday greetings to Ioan and Horatio. I'm not deleting this journal (though if LJ decides to do so, that's on them; that being said, since I've seen journals that haven't updated in 12+ years, I'm not too concerned at the moment), and I'll still be at least somewhat active on Ao3 under the same username. So if you've enjoyed my fics and picspams over the years, they're currently not going anywhere.

I have no idea when, or if, I'll be back. If things continue to be quiet on here (I'll probably check in on following_sea anonymously every so often to see if there's anything new on there that might rekindle my interest), then I'll probably just let things lie. But if there's a sudden resurgence of people/Ioanites on LJ, or if Hornblower comes back with Ioan as the lead, or if Ioan does a project that really grabs me, I'll probably come back for a bit. Even if I don't get a lot of responses to my posts, at least I'll have an easy place to gush.

For my friends lists and the denizens of following_sea, thanks so much for all the fun times. I appreciated your comments and content over years, especially if they ended up inspiring me to come up with more stories or weird posts. I hope you're all doing well, and that you continue to do well.

And on the one in a million chance that Ioan finds this or is already aware of this blog; this isn't anything personal. As I've said, this is more about realizing this journal currently doesn't have much to sustain it than it is about what's currently happening. Thank you so much for everything; acting as my muse, helping me make friends (real life and online), and for your kindness and understand when we met back in 2013. May everything go well for you moving forward, and may you get roles in the near future that both of us enjoy.

Smooth sailing, everyone.

With fond affection,

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A detailed breakdown of recent-ish events

I've spent the past few days since my previous post turning things over in my head, and while I still haven't come to a full consensus, I've been able to at least figure out how I feel about certain things. Even if said feelings are complicated.

I've decided, as a combination of providing information and to further sort things out, to make a post explaining what's going on, and my thoughts on the matter. I can only hope that I don't run up against LJ's word limit.

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W. T. A. F.

I was going to make a long post discussing semi-recent events, but then I realized that it was going to become way too self-absorbed and rambling as I tried to sort things out, so I'm just going to go for the basics.

1. I only just found out that Ioan and Alice are divorcing/have already divorced.

2. There is not a lot of information on what's happened, and what little information we do have is...biased, to say the least.

3. I am completely discombobulated by this and don't entirely know how to feel.

4. Given how dead LJ is, I don't know if anyone's actually going to see or read this, but given my username, journal name, and default pic, I felt like I needed to say something.

I may make another post later, once my thoughts have settled. All I can say right now is that while I haven't fully decided on what to think yet, I'm not particularly inclined to write Ioan off at the moment. Here's hoping things stay that way.
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I wish you a happy birthday...

Yep, it's that time again;


I hope you have a good day celebrating (presumably) with your family, that everything's going well for you and your loved ones, and that new job opportunities await you in the new year. I've read enough about the movie that I won't be seeing you in Ava (and by the way, the reviewer who described you as "a handsome actor who's often cast as the slightly dull heroic lead" is very decidedly only half-right) and while I'm definitely interested in Harrow, I'm a) not sure where I can watch it, and b) don't want to start a show that's currently ongoing, in case the ending is dissatisfactory and/or ends abruptly due to being cancelled. Forever was a delight, but the ending did burn me.

Anyway, my point is that while I'm not watching most of your recent work, I'm hoping that'll have a reason to change in the near-ish future. And while that same reviewer from above did say that you "seem[ed] to relish being free of the burden of nobility", I have to admit that I wouldn't object to seeing you take up that burden once more. I've always loved knights in shining armor (though I'm more than happy to see that armor a bit tarnished) more than bad boys.
Plot Bunnies

Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First, I apologize in advance if I do this wrong. It’s my first time participating in Yuletide, and while I’ve looked into it, I can’t guarantee I’m doing it right. Hopefully I don’t come across as too demanding or over the top.

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Thank you in advance for writing for me! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

And it all comes round again...

Once again, this journal's been so dead that my last post was a year ago, but that doesn't stop me from logging in to say


Sadly, I haven't seen much of anything new from you. You have been doing some TV work, but in a way that makes it difficult for me to watch (though at least it sounds like Harrow's doing well, so congrats on that). The Professor and the Madman was finally released, but none of the reviews mention you by name, suggesting you're not in it all that long (plus, it was orignally $7 to rent, which was far too high). And your latest project has potential, but nothing's really been released about it. On the bright side, I discovered that voicework you did for Diablo III, and since another actor I like is involved in that, it's the impetus I need to get the game...eventually. And at least other people are watching and enjoying your work, which is really all you can ask for.

So here's hoping you had a pleasant day, and that things continue to go well for you and your family. I look forward to seeing any future projects from you, and especially to playing Diablo III. Getting to play a character you voiced? Sounds like a win to me.

I have duties to attend to, and this is one of them

I am well aware that I haven't posted in this journal for exactly a year. This is due to a combination of my corner of Livejournal being pretty quiet and a lot of stuff going on in real life. However, there are two things I'll always log in to post about, and this is one of them. So with that...

Happy 45th Birthday, Ioan!

Unfortunately, most of the projects you've been working on recently have either not come out or been difficult for me to see, so I haven't seen as much of you as I'd like. Still, I hope work's been going well, your family has been treating you nicely (especially today), and that the various sports teams you follow have been doing all right. Here's hoping that you get a role in the near future that either wins you critical acclaim or is hugely popular. If not, though, I still look forward to seeing what you get up to. Though is it too much to hope that your upcoming roles will involve you being a) clean-shaven and b) in a suit of some kind...?
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Not much of a present, but...

I know things have been quiet on this journal; I've been busy with other things and just haven't had anything worth posting here. However, I've got a tradition around these parts, and I'm not about to stop now...


I'm not exactly sure where you are at the moment (IMDB suggests you might be filming something in Australia), but I hope that you have a wonderful day wherever you are! May you get roles you enjoy and may your family life be relatively peaceful.
Plot Bunnies

Fic: Legacy

This was a joint plot bunny effort. One part came from the following_sea Shifting Sands challenge, which basically said I could do whatever I wanted as long as it somehow related to the theme of shifting sands. The second came from a prompt of captainzarina's over at disney_kink, which was a request for a relationship between Captain Amelia and Alice from the live-action Through the Looking Glass. Being a Captain Amelia fan, I figured I could try my hand at something that was close to both prompts. Given that I don't think it quite meets the qualifications of either, though (I'm going with the more nebulous "shifting sands of time" meaning), I'm posting it here rather than on either of the communities. Hope you enjoy it anyway, though!

Title: Legacy.
Rating: PG just in case.
Summary: The Old Guard Meets Young Blood.

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Plot Bunnies

Poetry Drabbles: The Return

I've got one last batch of responses to the Poetry Meme that was floating around LJ last year. I really enjoyed doing it, but after I got through all of my favorite characters, I figured I had to draw a line somewhere so I could focus on other projects. Hope there's something in here you like!

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