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Oct. 6th, 2017


Not much of a present, but...

I know things have been quiet on this journal; I've been busy with other things and just haven't had anything worth posting here. However, I've got a tradition around these parts, and I'm not about to stop now...


I'm not exactly sure where you are at the moment (IMDB suggests you might be filming something in Australia), but I hope that you have a wonderful day wherever you are! May you get roles you enjoy and may your family life be relatively peaceful.

Apr. 3rd, 2017

Plot Bunnies

Fic: Legacy

This was a joint plot bunny effort. One part came from the following_sea Shifting Sands challenge, which basically said I could do whatever I wanted as long as it somehow related to the theme of shifting sands. The second came from a prompt of captainzarina's over at disney_kink, which was a request for a relationship between Captain Amelia and Alice from the live-action Through the Looking Glass. Being a Captain Amelia fan, I figured I could try my hand at something that was close to both prompts. Given that I don't think it quite meets the qualifications of either, though (I'm going with the more nebulous "shifting sands of time" meaning), I'm posting it here rather than on either of the communities. Hope you enjoy it anyway, though!

Title: Legacy.
Rating: PG just in case.
Summary: The Old Guard Meets Young Blood.

Down the Rabbit Hole...or the Whirlpool.Collapse )

Nov. 11th, 2016

Plot Bunnies

Poetry Drabbles: The Return

I've got one last batch of responses to the Poetry Meme that was floating around LJ last year. I really enjoyed doing it, but after I got through all of my favorite characters, I figured I had to draw a line somewhere so I could focus on other projects. Hope there's something in here you like!

A Story Told...Or rather, several stories.Collapse )
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Oct. 6th, 2016


Just Doing My Duty

I know I haven't posted here in about a year. Real life has been hectic, and while I've been keeping tabs on things here on the internet, I generally haven't had the time or energy to post anything. Besides, I haven't really had a lot worth posting, anyway.

That all being said, it's October 6th, and we all know what I do every October 6th...


Things seem to be going well for you, what with the work on UnReal and evidence, however slight, that that movie that's been on your IMDb page since 2013 may finally get released in the near future. I hope things continue to go smoothly, and that another project comes along that gets you a lot of positive attention. I certainly wouldn't say no to another period piece...

At any rate, I hope you have a lovely day either on set or with your family, wherever you happen to be at the moment. Take care of yourself and see you at the movies!

Oct. 31st, 2015

Plot Bunnies

More Poetry Meme Responses

After I had so much fun with my previous attempts at the Poetry Half Drabble Meme, I decided to do a few more (and will probably do a few more in December, after National Novel Writing Month stops eating my brain). So I thought I'd share them with you.

There may be a few SPOILERS in here, but only one or two.

I do what I must, Because I can.Collapse )

Oct. 6th, 2015


You Know The Drill...

As usual, I'm making a post today to say...


You are now the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything...and actually, that's disturbingly accurate for me, at least.

I hope you have a nice day with your family, whether you choose to stay in or go out. And based off what I've heard, you can treat the Wales Rugby win as an early birthday present, which is a nice bonus.

(And as an amusing bonus for me, the website Etiquette Hell made this post today. I'm betting it's just a coincidence, but I'd like to think that the site runner may be a bit of a Ioanite herself...)

Sep. 19th, 2015

Plot Bunnies

Fandom Half-Drabbles

About a month and a half ago, ylla posted a meme to following_sea that piqued my interest. Well, I finally sat down and did it for myself, and now I'd like to share the results/invite you to do the same.

The rules

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

Since I wasn't quite sure if they meant to list the lines or the poems in alphabetical order, I wound up doing it both ways. And then, because I can never do things by half, I decided to do two (or technically, four) different sets. One set would be for other fandoms I'm fond of. The other...well, my username should be the tipoff.

WARNING: There are a few SPOILERS lurking in here.

Without further ado...Collapse )

Jun. 10th, 2015


Forever: Final Thoughts

Yeah, this post is about a month late. But I figured I might as well make one last post about Forever, considering that that was pretty much all my posts consisted of from September onwards. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, a quick recap for those who weren't involved in the fandom; Forever aired its final episode on May 5th. Two days later, ABC announced its lineup for next year, and Forever wasn't on it. The show wasn't so much cancelled as it was not renewed. Some fans were outraged by this, and have been campaigning hard to either get ABC to change its mind, or to have some other network (Warner Brothers, Netflix, and Hulu are the popular suggestions) pick up the show.

For my part, my opinions are decidedly...mixed.

Possibly Surprising Explanation Under the Cut...Collapse )

Jan. 12th, 2015

The Riddler

Forever: If I Were In Charge

All right, so it's been, what, a month since I said I had thoughts about the show, but needed time to calm down before I could articulate them properly? I think we can safely say I've had a sufficient cool-down period. And since the upcoming episode has the potential to throw a wrench into my thought process, I figure now's the best time to discuss it.

Obviously, we have no idea where the creator intends to go with the show. We also have no idea if this show will get another season. So the show's currently in a delicate balancing act of not dumping all the revelations on us all at once and rushing things, while simultaneously making sure we get enough information that we'll be satisfied if the higher-ups pull the plug. In practice, this means "case of the week" stories interspersed with gradual reveals about Henry's past/who Adam is/no doubt eventually why he's immortal. I enjoy the format, but they do need to pick up the pace a little.

What this post is is a musing on how, if I were in charge of the show and had been given as many seasons as I needed to tell the story, I would go about it.

Rambing and Rampant Speculation AheadCollapse )

I highly doubt that everything I just laid out is what's going to happen, though I do hope that my Season 1 ideas come to some sort of fruition. While I'll probably be a little disappointed if some of these events don't happen, I'll take the show as it comes and, barring a mad swerve into nonsensicalness, will probably enjoy the end result. And if nothing else, I got a regular dose of Ioan every week for about six months. That works just fine for me.

Dec. 10th, 2014

The Riddler

So...Now What?

After my extended discussion/meta last week, I figured I should post a follow-up.

Under the cut for semi-spoilersCollapse )

I have thoughts on the show, but I'm still too wired to properly articulate them. Maybe later today/tomorrow I can be more rational about it.

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